PM: Reflect this Christmas and prepare for 2016

Papua New Guineans should reflect this Christmas on the shared successes and prepare to meet challenges that will come in the New Year.

That is the message this Christmas from Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

He says the country is changing faster  than anyone could anticipate.

“In one generation we are moving from traditional communities to a modern market economy where we trade with the world, “he says.

O’Neill says the country is also in the strongest position it has ever been since Independence and that it has experienced 14 consecutive years of positive economic growth.

“But sadly, there are always scare mongers and other political opportunists who every day will try to talk-down our economy,” he added.

In the coming year the Government is anticipating growth at around 10 percent and O’Neill says this is the envy of so many countries facing global challenges.

He has also assured that the National Government is taking a positive and pro-active approach to reduced revenue inflows caused by lower commodity prices, together with the additional burden of climate change and drought.

“This approach is clear in our sensible approach to the 2016 budget, you can rest assured that our Government will continue to fund our core priorities,” O’Neill promised.

He also promises that the government will ensure

·School fees are paid;

· Healthcare expenses are paid;

· To properly fund police, the courts and prisons; and,

· We continue to build critical infrastructure for our people.

As we celebrate Christmas this year, I ask our people to give thanks for Papua New Guinea and be proud of all that we have achieved together.

Joy Kisselpar