PM O’Neill: Sept 16- A day to be proud of

Today is a day to be proud of as a Papua New Guineans as the country celebrates it 41st Independence says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill this morning at the Flag raising ceremony at Independence Hill in Port Moresby.

“On this great day of celebration we have much to be proud of; much of what we have achieved and much of what we would achieve in the future.

“We are a united nation, we are a Christian country, and we make a pledge that we will stand together as one people, one nation, one country,” The Prime Minister told hundreds who gathered as early as 4am to witness the flag raising.

As PNG continues to build itself into a modern country, PM O’Neill said he is proud of the progress of the country thus far.

“I am very proud of the steps that we have taken so far, so that we can secure a strong and healthy country.

“Today I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very Happy and a safe Independence to every one of our fellow citizens of the country and also the,” O’Neill said.

Loop Pictures by Kennedy Bani.

Sally Pokiton