PM O’Neill says K5 million bribery claim ‘a complete lie’

The accusation by an Opposition MP claiming the Government offered him K5 million to join its ranks during the Vote of No – Confidence is a complete lie, says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

He told Parliament yesterday when asked by Mendi MP De Kewanu to confirm or deny the allegation raised by Lagaip- Porgera MP, Nixon Mangape early this month.

 Mangape in a statement said he was offered with what he claimed as a bribe to leave the Opposition Leader Don Polye’s Triumph Heritage Empowerment party and join the ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) party.

He said it happened during the intensive lobbying leading up to the vote of no-confidence against the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in July.

“It’s ludicrous, to think that we can pay K5 million to each members to remain in government,” O’Neill described the allegation.  

“There is never a meeting taken place with the party leadership, the honourable member and I would want to challenge him to refer it to Police because it is a serious allegation and charge the person who offered him.

“Nobody pays anybody that kind of money, there is no need to, we did not need those numbers in the first instance, PNC never needed any numbers because we have 60 strong members.

“This is a complete lie, again false accusation and I challenge him to go to the police to give evidence on when and where who offered him that kind of money and he needs to apologise to this honourable House and to the people of Papua New Guinea of misleading on this kind of debate,” O’Neill said.

Caption: Prime Minister Peter O’Neill speaking in Parliament yesterday. Picture by Kennedy Bani.  

Charles Yapumi