PM defends flyover cost

PM defends flyover cost

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill warned.parliamentarians yesterday to.argue.with.facts.and.evidence and not emotions.

O'Neill stated that at times leading the country was.not.always social media friendly but he said that parliament needed  to run on facts.

He says that despite.unpopular feedback.on the funding.of the.flyover, members should take.heed.of the recent.issue.such as the.funding. controversy.and.ask.the right people to get the.right.funding amount.

The.Prime Minister says that.while the.Opposition argued.about the.different funding amounts, he.says that they.should check with the NCD Commission to clarify.what.happened to the the.managers.of.the. project.

 He..said.that the.goverment,.while. not having to distribute funds according to population size, did.have the.mechanisms of the.DSIP and.the.PSIP funds system which accounts for.almost.K3 billion in funds meant.for.development.

He.was.speaking.after.a.heated exchange.with the.Opposition Leader on.funds.allocated to.urban areas.

O'Neill.said that rectifying rollout.and.implementation of the.National Identity (NID).program.