PM’s lawyer asks court to clarify restraining orders of 2014

The Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s lawyer, Tiffany Twivey went before the Supreme Court this morning seeking leave to move a Slip rule application it filed last month.

In seeking leave of the court to move the Slip Rule she submitted rights of natural justice were not offered to the appellant (Marape) and the first respondent (O’Neill).

She submitted the Supreme Court erred as   it delivered a decision that was not based on the appeal and that the reasons for dismissal were not based on submissions before it.

Twivey also asked the three man Supreme Court bench to clarify to the court if orders made on Oct 23, 2014 restraining servants and agents of the Police force from investigation, intimidating and harassing the Prime Minister still remains.

 She asked the court to clarify the second order as there was no order made on April 6 dismissing that interim order when Finance Minister James Marape’s appeal was dismissed.

She said the order is a ‘perpetual order’ and should remain to protect the ‘private rights’ of the parties (Prime Minister and James Marape) until the other matters in the proceeding SCRA 87 of 2014 are dealt with.

Twivey submitted that despite the appeal being dismissed on April 6, the injunction should remain.

The Supreme Court’s Justices Collin Makail, Derek Hartshorn and Don Sawong will make a decision at 1:30 today if it will allow the Prime Minister leave to move its Slip rule.

More to come later today.

Sally Pokiton