Player dies, games deferred to next week

Madang Soccer Association cancelled A-league matches to next week because one of the players of Yabon Football club Soni Pila died in an accident on the way from Lae to Madang this morning.

One of his play mates told LOOP at the burial site this afternoon that Pila went with his friends to transport empty tins stored in big containers to sell them  in Lae.

It was revealed on their return they were drinking and the vehicle encountered unstable movement and suddenly the vehicle crashed into trees near the road and rolled over..

LOOP was told  that two men dwere pronounced dead after the accident and the driver was tajen to Modilon hospital in a  critical condition.

The management of Madang Soccer Association says it is a turning point for all players in MSA and that discipline is important in sports.

“It’s a bad practise to get drunk while playing for a club or if you want to pursue a career in football,  discipline is the foundation to success,” management said.

The A-league game is approaching their final matches leading up to the finals at the end of this month.

Pendamon Football club topped the A-league with 22 points and the runner up was Nabasa Football Club with 16 points.

Elliot Dawea