Plans to introduce payroll cleanse for Health Dept

Plans are underway to introduce a payroll “cleanse’’ within the Health Department to reduce inefficiencies in the use of public funds.

Health Minister Michael Malabag intends to reallocate these funds to ensure better performance and service delivery. 

Malabag applauded the Government’s commitment to “right sizing’’ and pay roll “cleansing’’.

He said in a statement that the reduction in salary costs had been a welcomed move to ensure greater efficiencies and freeing up of much needed funds in future years.

These funds would have been otherwise wasted on “ghost’’ employees or unattached officers.

Also, even with the reduction in salaries, Hospital Awards will still be funded for doctors and nurses at K40 million under Department of Treasury (DoT) Vote 207.

The Government remained committed to Fee Free Health care with K20 million being maintained under DoT Vote 207 as well, he said.

Quintina Naime