Piracy attack accused asks court for bail

A man who was allegedly involved in the piracy attack which resulted in the death of a man from Roku village, Central Province has gone before the Waigani National Court asking for bail.

Boge Madaha is detained at the Waigani Police station holding cell after he was arrested and charged by police with piracy and murder.

He went before Justice Panuel Mogish today with his lawyer asking the court for bail. A decision on the bail application will be made in court on Friday.

Madaha was one of three suspects who surrendered to police on Aug 23 and was arrested and charged in relation to the attack and murder of 35-year-old man, Heni Heni.

He asked the court for bail saying he is a cooperative suspect in the incident, being one of those who surrendered to police.

It is alleged he was part of a group of fishermen from Tatana village who attacked Heni (deceased) and his brother, Nanai Heni and three children with the intension of stealing the boat’s outboard motor on Aug 15.

This did not go as expected, resulting in Heni’s death. The Police summary of facts before the court alleges that he was beaten and shot with a pistol by one of the Tatana man before thrown overboard.

His body was found 20 metres under the sea at Roku beach the same day.

Others also arrested for the attack are Peter Kavea, Bobby Rarua, Leka Alex Rabia, Tatana Kapia and Nolan Lawrence William. They all remain in custody while their case is still going through the Committal Court process.

(Pictured are search and rescue boats on Aug 15. Picture courtesy of TVWAN news.)


Sally Pokiton