PHDC sponsors 2016 literary competition

The Paga Hill Development Company for the second year in a row has announced their sponsorship for the Crocodile Prize Inc. “Writing for Children” Category in the National Literary Competition 2016.

This is a Literary Competition open to all citizens of Papua New Guinea, of all ages, and is a way for all Papua New Guineans to express themselves in writing, whether it be in poetry, short stories or arts (illustrations).

There are nine categories in the competition and these are; short stories, poetry, essay and journalism, heritage writing, book of the year, illustrations, writing for children and Women in Writing. Emerging young writer is a new category that was added this year

The Winners of the Crocodile Prize Competition will be announced on Nov 24, 2016 and winners will be awarded their prizes at the Crocodile Prize reception that will take place on Dec 8, 2016 at the Australian High Commission office.

The event will be an opportunity for those seeking recognition in the literary domain, or for those who just want their opinions to be heard through essays and journalism. Writing can be seen as; freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

The Working committee of the Crocodile Prize is grateful to all of its sponsors for their generosity to the people of PNG as this would not have been possible if it weren’t for their generosity.

The 2016 working Committee members, supporters and sponsors wishes everyone taking part their best in the Competition.

Annette Kora