People should directly vote for PM, says Naru

Morobe Governor Kasiga Kelly Naru has suggested the people should vote for the Prime Minister and not the Members of Parliament through their party system.

"We should address this issue in a way that will give stability to the Prime Minister,” Naru stated.

“And logically if we say that the government is of the people, by the people and for the people then the people can vote for the prime minister and not the Members of Parliament through their party system.”

He said this can be the only solution to many issues the country is facing in the government.

Naru, a constitutional lawyer, told the media in Lae yesterday that they can always change the Constitution to accommodate that.

The leader of the Christian Democratic Party (CDP), who didn't sign the vote of no-confidence motion last week, said there should be a republican type of government where the president is directly elected by the people.

"That may or may not be applicable to the scenario of the country but at least that is a starting point,” he said.

"We can also create a special home grown democracy where instead of the Members of Parliament voting the Prime Minister, let the people vote for the Prime Minister.”

He said it is that simple; they can change some of the procedures in voting where instead of three ballot papers, they can have four.

"One each for the PM, governor, local MP and the LLG president. There is nothing hard about this," Naru stated.

Bustin Anzu