Patients at Goroka get visit from Miss PNG Grace Nugi

Patients at the Goroka Hospital in Eastern Highlands Province got a surprise visit from Miss PNG Grace Nugi today.

Nugi visited five wards at the hospital delivering gift packs containing basic necessities like toiletries and snacks with the help of volunteers.

The patients came from all over the province and some have been staying at the hospital for up to two months while receiving treatment.

They were pleased to see her as they don’t get a lot of visitors from family who are far away.

Nugi spent one on one time with each patient and guardian.

“I realised that we may not be the ones healing them or making their love better.

“But in a time when everyone is so busy and caught up surviving for themselves, we must show that there is still good in people.

“By just sitting with them and listening to them, it was as gratifying for them as it was for us,” said Nugi.

She said she was not doing this as Miss PNG alone but as a community member and hopes that by inviting friends, colleagues and other volunteers to come along, they can set an example.

She said you do not have to be someone of status, rich or famous to make a difference in our country but just begin where you are.

Nugi is based in Goroka and will be traveling to Port Moresby to attend the crowning of the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant PNG 2015 on 14 November where she will hand over the crown.

Quintina Naime