Pastor’s false pretense case dismissed

A Pastor facing allegations of using false pretense to obtain K90,000 from a couple over a customary land sale today had his case dismissed by the Waigani National Court today.

Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika in dismissing the case said it was a waste of the court’s time as Pastor Nou Mase, from Pari village had legal title as the owner of the customary land.

A trial was conducted today with the complainant, William Gari and his wife, Louisa giving evidence in court against Mase.

They were called in by the State to give evidence in what was an unusual short trial that was dismissed soon after because the court found Mase did not use false pretense to obtain money. He owned the land with a land title under his father name dated June 5, 1972.

The couple told the court that they bought four blocks of land but prior to surveyors coming in after the land was cleared; they were chased out of the land by another land group from Mahuru, Kilakila village claiming that the land was not owned by the pastor who had illlegally sold it.

It was alleged that Mase pretended to be the landowner of a customary piece of land, portion 1074 at Idarobada in Taurama and sold it to the couple between Jan 3 and Oct 5,2015 for K90,000.

Mase’s bail monies of K2, 000 will be refunded to him.


Sally Pokiton