Parkop: Razor wire ban to stay

National Capital Governor Powes Parkop says city residents can build a “Great Wall of China” around their house as long as it does not have razor sharp barbed wires.

This was his response to security concerns voiced by city residents after razor wiring around their premises were taken down by NCDC workers.

Parkop claims the city is now safer than it used to be in the 80s and the 90s and those property owners therefore did not need to keep “these ugly” illegal razor wires any more.

He says razor barbed  wires are illegal and residents and business houses did not get approval from the Building Board before installing it around their premises.

“As part of our overall goal to improve the image of the city and create an environment conducive to quality living to take place we have asked our residents to make adjustment to their current way of life and habits,” he says in a press statement to PNG Loop.

He says the same applies to their current betelnut ban policy where vendors and chewers were asked to make a major adjustment to their behaviour and habit in selling and chewing of betel nuts.

“Property owners therefore cannot be an exception. They must do their part to help us reinvent a new city, a changing city with new image and new culture and vision,” Parkop says.

He says that the NCDC is not asking property owners to remove or destroy their fence or remove security guards, guard dogs and any arsenal of weapons they have at their disposal to protect their life and property.

“We will even allow them to increase the height of their fences, put spot lights and electric fencing if they need that to improve their security,” he added.

Parkop claims that NCDC has improved security in the city by coming up with new interventions that had  enabled more community spirit to develop.

“Our efforts to win back the night space, build community spirit, award young people scholarships and help them secure jobs and other opportunities has helped to reduce crime and improve security. It is these new methods that are working and not just the old method. Property owners should recognize this and help us build and improve security in a different way,” he says.

Since the removal of razor wiring more and more city residents have experienced break and entering at their home.

Some have had their properties stolen.