Pangu plans meeting to iron out issues

A Pangu Party special council meeting is being planned to iron out issues affecting the party and to prepare for the 2017 General Elections.

In an interview with Loop PNG General Secretary, Morris Tovebae, says the Party is still intact and is focused on next year.

“It’s a very crucial meeting that we have to resolve all those little issues and then we look forward to our preparation for the election,” says Tovebae.

One of the issues that will be raised is the appointment of special advisors to Pangu by Parliamentary Party Leader, Sam Basil.

One the appointees is Sir Ila Geno who happens to be the President of the PNG Constitutional Democracy Party.

Tovebae said the matter was not a big issue, especially between the executive and the Parliamentary wing, but had to be discussed in the meeting.

“My duty as the General Secretary and the public officer is to guide the parliamentary leader and members of the parliament caucus to operate within the parameters of the party constitution and that of the OLLIPAC Law,” said Tovebae.

Registrar of Political Party and Candidates Commission, Dr Alphonse Gelu, says he has not been officially informed of the appointments but says it is a unique predicament which can only be addressed by all individuals involved.

Loop PNG asked Sir Ila Geno about the issue of compliance and potential breaches of his appointment may create.

Geno says he is not aware of any provision within the OLLIPAC that restricts him from being an advisor to any political party.

He said his advisory role with Pangu had no strings attached and that he is not receiving any monetary payment.

He says he is a true believer of the Constitution and abiding by the rule of law.

“I have no say in the internal issues of Pangu Party, but I do respect their constitution and by-laws and the issue (appointments) is for them to decide on,” said Geno.

“I am only happy to assist and provide advise to other political parties.”

Pangu General Secretary, Morris Tovebae, said the professional relationship between him and Geno remains.

Tovebae says he and Parliamentary leader and Deputy Opposition Leader, Sam Basil are communicating to finalize the Pangu Party Council Meeting.





Cedric Patjole