Pacific’s top swimmer on a campaign role

Three months since the Rio 2016 Olympics, PNG Super Fish, Ryan Pini, has resumed various representative and ambassadorial roles in the Pacific.

Currently back home in PNG and helping out the family business, Pini has opened a new chapter in his life following his retirement from the pool after Rio.

“It’s very different from being in the pool to sitting behind the desk but I enjoy it and get to work alongside my brothers,” said Pini.

Currently the athlete’s representative in the Oceania Olympic Committee (OOC) Pini travels around the Pacific region gauging views from athletes and presenting those views to the Pacific Games Council Board which in turn proceeds to the OOC.

He is also an athlete representative in the PNG Olympic Committee and is actively involved in various programs covering health, environment, swimming and public speaking.

“I get to come in and talk a little bit to the athletes and do a little bit of (a) mentor role,” said Pini.

He said coming back home meant he could stay closer with his family given his hectic schedule before Rio.

Cedric Patjole