Outstanding IDGs to be paid to landowners next week

The government has committed to paying outstanding Infrastructure Development Grants (IDG) for the Hela Province next Friday.

Petroleum and Energy Minister Nixon Duban announced this to frustrated landowners today during the signing of a MoU between the government and landowners of PDL 1 and PDL 7.

He said after consultation with the Prime Minister, he has agreed to pay them the money within 7 days.

With this, he called on landowners to reopen gates to well pads and the conditioning plant.

PDL 7 landowner representative, Andy Hamaga, and PDL 1 spokesman, Larry Andagali, gave their undertaking to open the gates today.

However, they called on the government to maintain this trust and keep to its word.

They said the gates will now be opened based on trust and understanding but the IDGs must be delivered next Friday as promised.

According to the MoU, the clan vetting and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process should also be completed within 30 days as of tomorrow; ILGs should be formed, the final ministerial  determination done and MRDC to open bank accounts within those 30 days.

Minister Duban said while this is a mammoth task to achieve, the government is committed to it and will ensure this is achieved so their royalties, development levies and equities can be paid.

(Petroleum and Energy Minister Nixon Duban during the signing of the MoU in Hela Province today.)

Ruth Rungula