Our young ‘at crossroads of life’ says Minister

Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development Delilah Gore says many young people in PNG today are “at the crossroads’’

She says the process of socio economics and cultural transformation has given them new identity tags.

“For young people these days it’s bank credit cards, trendy fashion, latest music, sports cars and many more,” Gore added.

She says all these changes will present new challenges for the governments at all levels.

“These harsh realities come into conflict with many of our youth expectations and desires of how young people should behave,” she explained.

Gore says as such the government needs to be a step ahead in ensuring it is ready for the challenges that will come with the changes.

She has also commended non-governmental and faith based organisations for their efforts in supporting young people.

She is appealing to young people to stay safe over the two week period of Pacific games.