Our Lady of Fatima arrives in Buka

The statue of our lady of Fatima finally arrived in Buka on Saturday Oct 1 after about three to four months of preparation.

And never in the church history on Bougainville a huge crowd and traffic congestion was experienced but today only from the airport up to the Hahela church it took a full hour to reach the Kubu hilltop from the Buka airport.

The statue of our lady of Fatima arrived on an Air niugini flight to a huge crowd.

Police were engaged to provide security and control the traffic.

The statue was flown in from Port Moresby and will tour the whole of the autonomous Region of Bougainville including the very remote parishes like Nissan Island and Paruparu.

Youths from all over the region flocked to the Hahela parish and to Buka airport to receive the statue.

This week was also a busy week for the Revival centers, who held a pilgrimage in Arawa and United church centenary in Siwai.

Today is the start of the Catholics holy campaign and they will be with our lady of Fatima till it goes back to Port Moresby.

Peterson Tseraha