Oro takes tough action on illegal traders

Oro Governor Gary Juffa has taken a tough stand on Asian businesses announcing that all Asian trading shops will be close down and only large super markets will be allowed to operate.

 He says they do not in any way contribute to the local economy and most are rude, disrespectful and abusive towards people.

“Their sale of expired food, food sold with foreign language labels and food that's off and unfit for human consumption is part of the reason,” he reasoned.

Juffa says another major reason is because all their businesses are alleged to be illegally operating with contracts that are unlawful and illegal.

He says he is concerned about his people’s health saying that much of the products sold in Chinese trade stores are of poor quality and possibly carcinogenic.

“January is the first month of moving out. Next phase they will be carted to the airport and deported or be locked up,” he added.

He says stores and canteens are to be operated only by PNG citizens.

Juffa also says The Northern Resources Ltd a business arm of the Provincial Government will be partnering with Oro citizens interested in doing businesses.

Joy Kisselpar