Oro to check foreigned-owned businesses

The Oro Provincial Government will embark on a major review of all foreign-owned businesses to ensure compliance with relevant laws for businesses and protection of consumers. The exercise will commence early next year and shall see the imposing of fines

Northern Province Governor, Gary Juffa made the decision that shall be brought before the PEC upon a surprise visit to a shop accused by Oro citizens of selling bad food, expired goods, low quality items at inflated prices and in foreign print. The inspection by the Governor revealed that 90 percent of the foreign workers did not speak English.

The Governor who was accompanied by a Health Inspector found substantial anomalies in the quality of goods sold, confirming the complaints he had received from his people. He inspected the kitchen and found the kitchen in unhygienic and filthy with improper work conditions and unhealthy utensils and processes.

He ordered that the company be fined and reviewed visa and work permits. No single expatriate worker could speak a word of English.

"This effort once more exposes the lack of Government effort to protect and promote its peoples interests. Sub-standard food that even dogs should not be fed with are sold here. Products whose quality is so poor and prices are grossly inflated. Every worker speaks no English but his work permit claims they are training PNG citizens. I will remove all such businesses in my province if they don't shape up,” Governor Juffa said in a statement.

Meanwhile reports are to be sent to Migration and labour who  don’t seem to be conducting their inspections, the Governor added.

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