Opposition taunt to Govt on no-confidence vote

The Opposition today resubmitted the notice on the motion of no confidence vote with the acting Speaker Aide Ganasi amidst the handing down of the 2016 Budget.

And the Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye has challenged Mr O’Neill to test his numerical strength again on the motion against him, saying the leader of government business and the PM must not adjourn the Parliament unnecessarily to avoid this motion being entertained.

The motion was moved by the Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil and seconded by Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.

Mr Polye said they were told that the motion was in order and met all the technical requirements.

He said the Opposition feared that an adjournment would undermine the vibrancy of democracy and that it was obviously to avoid the motion of no confidence against the PM.

“I ask the Prime Minister, Leader of Government Business and the Speaker to entertain the motion.

“I am calling on them to deliberate on the motion and the normal processes must take place,” said Polye.

More than 17 MPs signed on the motion including the two MPs from the ruling PNC party.

Mr Polye has warned the PM, the Leader of Government Business, the Speaker and other MPs within the government ranks to take caution when voting on a motion to adjourn the Parliament as it will breach the Supreme Court Ruling.

“Parliament must sit to meet the 63 sitting days as required in the Parliamentary calendar.

“Any unnecessary adjournment is illegal and the Opposition will file contempt of court proceedings against the PM, the leader of Government Business, the Speaker and the other MPs who will vote for an adjournment,” he said.

The Opposition Leader has urged the people to watch carefully the Prime Minster with him government which has been hi-jacking all the set processes to suit himself.                         


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