Opposition delivers new Vote of No Confidence bid

​The Opposition today announced that they have lodged their bid for a Vote of No confidence motion.

Opposition Leader Don Polye announced that they have given the notice to the clerk and the speaker of parliament.

The motion has been moved by the deputy leader of the Opposition and Pangu party leader Sam Basil, while the motion seconder is the Governor of East Sepik Sir Michael Somare.

This motion he says is backed by all Opposition members.

Polye says that the motion was handed over to the acting speaker of parliament in the presence of the clerk and the acting clerk and the lawyer of parliament.

He says that the response given was that the motion meets all the technical areas and has been accepted by the acting Speaker.

Polye says that the Opposition recognizes and respects the process of parliament and democracy which is why they submitted the motion.

Julianna Waeda