Opposition confident to form government

The Opposition is adamant they will form the new government this coming Friday when Parliament resumed to deliberate and vote on the motion of the Vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

In a press conference this afternoon, their camp at Laguna Hotel in Port Moresby was enlightened by the presence of the founding father and East Sepik Governor Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.

Opposition Leader Don Polye said their camp was a flexible and liberated team consisting of visionary leaders and not a team that decides who will be taking the top posts or portfolios.

“Therefore, I invite leaders of the coalition parties on the other side to join this camp because their views and negotiations will be heard,” he said.

Polye is inviting the leader of National Alliance, Patrick Pruaitch, United Resource Party, William Duma and other People’s National Congress Party members as well as the middle and back benchers to join their camp for the good of the people of this nation.

He said their team have the support of the forefathers in the likes of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, Sir Mekere Morauta and Sir Julius Chan.

Meanwhile, People’s Progress Party leader Ben Micah said every MP in the government camp in Alotau were too scared to tell the truth about PM O’Neill.

He said they were scared that they would not be getting their District and Provincial Services Improvement Programme funds if they tell the truth about the corruption in Government.

Micah says ‘enough is enough’ and it is about time for a new government must lead the country in the right direction.

The Opposition are tightlipped about their numbers but confident that they will form a new government.

Freddy Mou