Opening ceremony excitement

A big games bus has just arrived to ferry stranded spectators into the BSP Stadium.

Safe to say people like Madangs Hilda Meka and her husband hope that they can make it to the show in time to see the fireworks, something their 3 and 7 year old sons are enthusiastic to see.

Unagi is full as Moses Tane a shift manager with the Mosbi Omai security boys that they estimate almost 200 to 300 vehicles are now parked there.

PNGLoop was told by Bonny Vagi and family that they drove from their Makerupu village in Rigo just for the Opening ceremony.

Vagi was parked at Jack Pidik with six of his family members who all conveyed from the village.

He was happy with the initiative of the big screens as because they could not attend the opening ceremony as they could not afford the tickets.