Online trickers common for Bougainvilleans

The new NICTA policy to clamp down on internet abusers has been whole heartedly welcomed on Bougainville as a lot of people think it is a joke.

A lot of Bougainville internet users, mainly youths, think it is all right to lie and stalk other people and even blackmail some.

Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Whatsapp are the ones that are the favourites among youngsters.

A concerned internet user in Buka, Jackson Tovilu, told Loop PNG that the lack of awareness had prompted people to use the internet in their own ways.

“We need more awareness on the internet here on Bougainville, we also need inspectors to come and inspect the kind of phones and transistor radios that are being sold in stores here, especially these Chinese controversial stores,” Mr Tovilu said.

“We have all sorts of names and faces on Facebook, names that sound like they’re from Iraq or Afghanistan; we even have military and terrorism fanatics and worst of all we have conmen pretending to be billionaires.”

“People have been telling lies that they’re trying to donate money for charity and then they will lie saying, send K1000.00 into my account then you get K1 million,” Mr Tovilu said.

“With NICTA’s new policy in place in which two prominent Bougainvilleans are in the fore front we will clamp down on this kind of abusers, so I give thumbs up to Charles Punaha and Jimmy Miringtoro for a job well done,’’ he said.

Buka Island, using the name of US based evangelist Joyce Meyer, saying he wishes to donate five hundred thousand US dollars if only ten thousand kina is deposited into his account.

A local businesswoman blindly deposited K10, 000.00 into a BSP Port Moresby account and never got a feedback again. This reporter also received the same notice but told the perpetrator to back off or he would be reported to the police.

Photo: Mobile phones, often the means used by con artists and trouble makers

Peterson Tseraha