Officers are innocent until proven guilty

Acting Assistance Commissioner Victor Isouve says that police personnel charged are innocent until proven otherwise.

He made this remarks in relation to other outstanding cases implicating members of the Constabulary in fraudulent payroll claims.

Isouve says that all staff at the Police headquarters would also be investigated and appropriate disciplinary and criminal actions would be taken against the offending member(s).

Investigators will act accordingly depending on the availability of evidence and witness statements.

Isouve adds that any member of the Constabulary who is found to have broken the laws will be arrested, charged and referred to the courts for prosecution under the country’s laws.

While issuing this statement Acting ACP Isouve warned members of the Constabulary to strictly observe the Constabulary’s code of ethics and Constabulary Standing Orders.

These standing orders are designed to protect and preserve the integrity of the organisation.

A task he says bears a heavy responsibility on all officers who are members of the Constabulary.

Julianna Waeda