Officer calls for intelligence based policing

The NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says that part of his command is to encourage smarter police operations.

He says that his police station commanders are now being challenged to carry out a more intelligence based policing.

In a meeting he had this week, Turi called on all his commanders to start being vigilant in the way that they operate in and around their precincts.

He says that for so long the buck has been passed to the Superintendent of operations, the metropolitan commanders and the ACP Central and NCD offices.

Starting this year Turi highlights his prerogative will be to hold all command levels accountable.

In a recent story (link pasted below , Loop PNG published all the police station commanders numbers an initiative done up by Turi to ensure that all his PSC’s are in contact with their communities and earn their positions.

Meantime, Turi says that all his PSC’s will now be required to carry out a detailed assessment of their areas of operation with reviews carried out by his command.

Turi says that policing must change with the scope of time and that he does  not have time to deal with lazy policing. He is calling on all his commanders to start taking a more active role in how they conduct their commands.

He adds that by the upper command tightening up on ranks and working hard this will translate to the lower ranks to also be motivated to follow suit and be smarter and active in how they carry out their duties and tasks.

Julianna Waeda