O’Neill throws down gauntlet for 2017

The People’s National Congress Party (PNC) will be back bigger, better and stronger and will lead Papua New Guinea after the 2017 General Elections.

Prime Minister and leader of PNC, Peter O’Neill, did not mince his words when he gave his assurance to more than 1,000 invited guests as well as family and friends, and the media, at the Stanley Hotel recently during a PNC fundraising gala night.

O’Neill on that night threw down the gauntlet to his political adversaries to see who will make it back after the 2017 National Elections.

“The PNC Party celebrates its 20th year and this is the second time to lead government,” O’Neill told the gathering.

“It has not been an easy challenge but in the past five years, PNC has laid a strong foundation for the country then we were in the past 40 years. We cannot go back to the past,” Prime Minister O’Neill said.

“PNC is a strong party as a coalition we will be back in government. We have 60 MPs in our party,” he added.

O’Neill acknowledge PNC’s founding father and first prime minister under PNC, Sir William Skate, with a toast raised in his name.

O’Neill also acknowledged Lady Rarua Skate and thanked her for being an inspiration to the PNC Party and its members.

The fundraising night was made a memorable one when international Irish sensation, Ronan Keating, rocked the stage with his chart busting singles.

After the concert, Prime Minister O’Neill thanked Ronan and PNG-born wife, Storm, while handing over a kundu, a traditional PNG musical instrument, to the pair.

“Play with this instrument in your tours,” O’Neill said.

“I’ll come back to check on you,” the Irish rockstar told the PM.

In the meantime, with the 2017 Budget to be handed down tomorrow, the O’Neill Government will be faced with another tune to deal with.

(PM O’Neill at the PNC fundraising gala night.)

Alfred Kaniniba