O’Neill to maintain church partnerships

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill maintains his commitment to assist churches and continue free education as the nation prepares to pass judgment on the Government at the next election.

Speaking at the opening of the new Georita Memorial Church 2, in Maopa village, to thousands of people from around the Abau District of Central Province, the Prime Minister thanked the churches for their commitment.

“Churches are a very important part of our communities throughout the country,” PM O’Neill said on Friday.

“The churches hold our communities together and they fill in the role where governments have not been present.

“For many years after independence, the church was filling the gap that should have been filled by Government.

“That is why when we came into Government in 2011, and were returned after the elections in 2012, we made a very strong commitment as Government that we must partner with the churches.

“We made a very strong commitment to work with churches throughout the country and that is why we started putting funding into the churches.

“Today we are here to witness one of the occasions where the church community and the Government has partnered to build this church, the new Georita Memorial Church 2.”

The Prime Minister said the Government will continue to partner closely at the grassroots level.

The Ministers accompanying the Prime Minister were Attorney General and Member for Rigo, Ano Pala, Public Service Minister and Member for Abau, Sir Puka Temu, Minister for Mining, Byron Chan, and the Governor for Central Province, Kila Haoda.

(Photo: Nick Moir)

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