O’Neill challenges Opposition to prove its claims

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has called on the Opposition Leader Don Polye to be responsible on issues raised in Parliament.

O’Neill said most of what Polye is raising on the floor of Parliament are results of what the previous government had made decisions on.

“It’s a grandstanding to the highest degree for us to come and say anything we want to say but we must be responsible on what we say and factual about what we say,” O’Neill said.

O’Neill admitted that the country’s currency had been under pressure but has never declined as describe by Polye.

He said the country’s total debt is K17 billion below the total GDP and not K24 billion as claimed by the Opposition.

“Where he got all this figures from? O’Neill asked.

O’Neill further elaborate that the amount the Opposition Leader has claimed was not even mentioned in the cabinet.

“He must show us the proof about this debt?” O’Neill asked.

O’Neill was responding to Polye about a serious of questions asked about the country’s economy and public debt during Question Time in Parliament today.


Freddy Mou