Number of interested hockey participants doubles

The number of parents and dons at the Sir John Guise hockey pavilion on Saturday mornings has increased as more children have shown interest in participating in the Pikinini Hockey program.

This morning, the number of participants doubled from last week’s.

The 10-week program has entered its fourth weekend today, with children set into groups.

Advanced learners were put into one group while beginners who just joined today were placed in another.

One of the Minkey program facilitators and coach, Edmund Tapo, told Loop PNG that the key focus of the program and development is to teach children core skills such as passing, receiving and ball carrying (dribbling). These skills can be taught in isolation then put into a game situation.

“We try to ensure that correct body position and techniques are being taught throughout and above all, ensure they are learning while having fun,” Tapo said.

“We are also looking at starting a children’s competition next year and with that initiative, we are trying to build the interest of children’s participation,” he added.

One of the methods they will use is to associate with schools sports programs and PE lessons, starting next year, with the support of PNG Hockey Association.

However, the whole idea of the coaching program is to help develop kids into the game for junior divisions’ set to be implemented. 

Lamech Jinimbo