NSL franchise clubs urged to manage funds properly

Franchise clubs in the Telikom National Soccer League (NSL) competition have been urged to manage their funds properly.

TNSL Board chairman Isaac Lupari said it is the responsibility for franchises to manage their funds so they can attract sponsors and last long in the competition.

Lupari said many clubs have withdrawn from the competition because of lack of sponsorship.

As advised by the TNSL Board with endorsement from PNG Football Association, all franchise teams will be responsible for travel and accommodation costs out of the normal regional competition.

“Our policies drive clubs to take ownership.

“The nomination fee of K40, 000 will enable TNSL to run the competition so we want the franchises to look after their own teams,” he said.

Teams are urged to pay the nomination fee of K40, 000 by 30 October and K35 per player registration.

Lupari confirmed that the board will announce the amount of prize money before the 2015-2016 season competition commences on 15 November.

Quintina Naime