NRI to launch report on development

​The National Research Institute will be launching its latest report tomorrow (March 23) in Lae, Morobe Province.

The Institute had undertaken a review of the relationship between city growth and urban development plans of Port Moresby and Lae.

The report entitled, “Improving Urban Development in Papua New Guinea” (Discussion Paper No.145) presents a set of recommendations for reforms to the structure of urban cities and towns, urban planning and land administration legislations such as the Land Act 1996, Physical Planning Act 1989, Surveying Act 1969, Valuation Act 1967 and Surveying Coordination Act 1967.

Indeed, a whole range of supportive policies and implementation processes critical for proper orderly planning and development of urban centres in Papua New Guinea are discussed.

“The results of the review show that even the best formulated plans will begin to fail if they lack a governance context which supports them and enables them to be effectively implemented," NRI director Dr Charles Yala said.

He said the recommendations from the report were aimed at supporting the successful implementation of government policies.

“This includes the four cities policy, affordable land and housing, 10 houses per district, home ownership schemes, voluntary customary land registration and moves to incentivise the private sector to play an active role in the development of the property market,” Yala stated.

“This would lead to the development of the property development sector aimed at boosting economic growth and development in the country, proper urban development planning and efficient plan implementation.”

Freddy Mou