Notorious suburb needs a permanent police station: Kaiwa

The notorious suburb of West Taraka in Lae needs a permanent police station.

This call follows the burning of the police post, which also acts as a community hall, on Monday night.

Acting metropolitan superintendent, Chief Inspector Timothy Pomoso, and Superintendent Operations Fred Kaiwa, made it known at a media conference yesterday that a temporary post will be set up, but there is a need for a police station.

The police post was established three years under the reign of former metropolitan superintendent Iven Lakatani.

Kaiwa said there is no police post now at West Taraka where police personnel can be stationed, but a makeshift post would be erected to serve the suburb as it is well-known for its criminal activities.

Law and order will be maintained, with Task Force and Mobile Squad 13 on full patrol, even if it means setting up tents for police personnel.

Police have proposed to set up a temporary post at the current Family Sexual Violence building, but a decision is yet to be made.

It is sad to see not only a police post burnt down but a community hall that serves its people, and Kaiwa said until and unless the situation is quelled, normal services will not be restored to the area.

Acting Metropolitan Superintendent Pomoso said: “For a suburb like West Taraka, it needs a police station that operates full time.”

The West Taraka police post was operating from 8am to 4pm while the community leaders were manning the post after hours.

Pomoso said relevant authorities need to see this service restored fully with a permanent post.

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr is currently in Kimbe for the Police Commissioners conference but was kept abreast of the situation.

(The burnt down police post at West Taraka, Lae) 

Wendy Katusele