Nothing to celebrate in East Sepik – Maru

There is nothing to celebrate in East Sepik Province after 41 years of Independence as a nation, says Trade, Commerce and Industry and Yangoru Saussia MP Minister Richard Maru.

“My independence message to my people is that if you are confused about leadership, we will not go forward. That is what we have been doing in the last 41 years.

Maru challenged is constituencies in Yangoru Saussia to choose change and become entrepreneurs to tap into business opportunities arising because of developments in the district.

He said past MPs and even the founding father of nation who is the current East Sepik Governor had failed the Sepik People because after 41 years of nationwide many areas in the province do not have road networks connecting their villagers and also no government services at all.

The first term parliamentarian challenged his people to vote for honest and visionary leaders when officiating at the road network that will link the Konge Ring people in the Sausso LLG for the first time.

“You have reason to celebrate after 41 years of Independence you have been liberated and services have finally reached you. “This is only the start of the new Konge Ring,” Maru said.