Northern province ventures into rice farming

Northern Province is well on its way to becoming the number one rice producing province.

An agreement had been signed between Trukai, Oro Rice Growers Cooperative Association and the Oro Provincial Government to start the project.

The agreement is a three-way partnership between Trukai, Oro Rice Growers Cooperative and the Provincial Government to expand rice growing in Oro as a major cash crop.

Trukai will ensure quality control and extension services are provided while the farmers pledged 3,000 hectares of land and a continued flow of quality rice.

The Provincial Government has pledged K1 million as a loan facility for the growers and for funding training and extension services as well as an office and funding for two staff for the Cooperative Society.

Northern Governor, Garry Juffa thanked all the farmers of Oro for their participation in the project.

Trukai has confirmed that Oro Rice is of sound quality and has been growing rice for 12 years and has the experience and volume to now move to commercial partnership.

Press Statement