No funds for drought affected in Simbu: Governor

Simbu province has not been prepared to face this El Nino situation, says Governor Noah Kool.

He said the drought took them by storm and they never expected it to be like what has happened.

Speaking today at the presentation of K750,000 cheque by the Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited to the five affected provinces in the Highlands region, Kool says the province have no money to cater for the drought but ate depending on the National Disaster office to cater for the situation.

He said the drought is hitting his people hard with rivers running dry and food gardens being dried up.

“The people are starting to feel the impact of the drought. Although there is a little food spared for the people, it could not cater for the whole population.”

Kool said if no aid is given to the people in two months’ time, they will be suffering bafly with some dying of hunger.

He added that his administration is looking for ways to equip and help the people in what little resources they have and wait for the assistance.

Kool thanked the Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd for coming to their aid and helping them with the funds.

He said the assistance will help them with their arrangements in helping the people.

The funds will be given to major wholesalers  in the provinces for supply of food and other items needed during this El Nino period.

Meanwhile, this El Nino period has been predicted to continue till next year.

Freddy Mou