NHC, a haven for corrupt officers: Polye

The National Housing Commission has been a 'milking cow' where cash hungry officers have made fortune out of it at the expense of tax payers, says Opposition leader Don Polye.

He said Papua New Guineans who have lived in their homes for many years have been thrown out on the streets as corrupt officers entered into dubious deals to sell properties.

When welcoming the appointment of a committee to investigate the National Housing Corporation, Polye said the investigations committee must investigate the root of corruption within NHC and bring to justice officers implicated.

“The appointment of an investigate committee to look into the affairs of NHC should have been done some four years ago,” Polye said.

“What took the government so long to appoint a committee to investigate NHC?” questioned Polye.

He said credible people must be appointed to the committee if the government is serious about weeding out corruption at NHC.

Freddy Mou