New K2.1m jetty for South Fly people

The people of South Fly, Western Province, have a new jetty to help transport their fisheries and agricultural products to Kiunga and Tabubil, thanks to Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML).

Built at the Dudi Trust Region, Madire village jetty, which was opened last week, was funded through the OTML Tax Credit Scheme (TCS) at a total cost of K2.1 million.

Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF), manager infrastructure development, George Kombe, says a total of K14.79 million through the TCS was approved to construct and upgrade five jetties in the South Fly Region.

The other four are; Sturt Island and Suki jetties in Suki Fly Gogo Region, Waliyama jetty in Manawete Trust Region, and Gesowa jetty in Kiwaba Trust Region, South Fly.

OTDF chairman Musje Werror told the people of Madire that OTML and OTDF need the support of local communities and the provincial government to successfully complete projects.

“The greatest partners are the people, but without your support or interest, development in your region will not happen.”

He also thanked the people for their consent and support for the mine to extend its operations from 2015 to 2025.

“The benefits that you have received, including this jetty, would not have been possible without OTML and we should all appreciate the hard work of OTML employees,” Werror said.

Caption: The new jetty at Madire village, Western Province. 

Charles Yapumi