New Ireland has highest population growth rate: Governor

The people of New Ireland Province (NIP) have been urged to practice family planning and space their children.

New Ireland Governor and former prime minister, Sir Julius Chan, issued the call following the latest Health Department report.

According to the report, New Ireland is leading with a 4.5 percent population growth rate; the highest in Papua New Guinea.

Sir Julius revealed this to locals who had gathered to witness the launching of ward trucks and tractors yesterday at the Kopkop showground, Kavieng town.

He says that is why his government focuses on looking after you from birth to death, such as providing delivery beds for mothers in the province’s health facilities.

Additionally, after the implementation of the 2007 Malagan Declaration and the 2012 Malagan Declaration Forward, the province started executing its policies like free education, elderly and disabled pensions, roof over heads, and many more.

All these highlight NIP’s continuous commitment to progress and its vision of becoming a model province.

However, Sir Julius believes these projects have also contributed to the province’s increased population growth rate, hence his call for family planning.

(File picture of New Irelanders during the NIPS Day in Port Moresby)

Reuben Tabel