New accommodation arrangements for refugees

There is some progress taking place at the Manus Regional Processing Centre for transferees following PNG’s Supreme Court ruling on April 26.

The PNG Immigration has released new accommodation arrangements for the transferees which will see them separated in compounds according to their processing status come Oct 4.

Loop PNG confirmed with a transferee at the Manus centre that they were made aware of the new accommodation arrangements on Tuesday this week.

“All processing will end soon. Once the Minister decides your refugee status, there is no reason for you to remain in this centre,” the Communication guide released by PNG Immigration to those at the center stated.

Those identified and given refugee status can either settle in PNG or depart to a country where they have a right to live in while those without refugee status can either volunteer to depart PNG or be removed.

Mike Compound at the center will accommodate those who have non-refugees status and have received a deportation order.

Those detainees whose status is still being reviewed by the minister will be held at the Foxtrot compound pending the determination of their reviews. These are the detainees who were initially identified as non-genuine refugees.

The centre had 1,010 men when the five-man Supreme Court bench on April 26 found the Regional Processing Centre as unconstitutional and illegal, ordering the cease of operation at the center.

As off July 15, 636 transferees in Manus have been given refugee status. 43 of these transferees are in Australia on medical grounds.



Sally Pokiton