NCD schools urged to return to classes

Schools in the National Capital District (NCD) have been urged to return to normal classes tomorrow (Tuesday).

This follows the suspension of classes due to precautionary measures following the planned nationwide stop work protest by civil society groups today.

Minister for Education Nick Kuman is calling on all heads of schools and institutions to immediately return to classes and not to take heed of information on social media to cancel classes.

Kuman said schools in both NCD and in the other provinces must not give in and be influenced and intimidated by politically-motivated individuals and organisations.

“Our students’ and teachers’ safety is paramount and we will only act on the advice from the police and security intelligence.

“I am concerned that classes have been unnecessarily disrupted because of the information going around on social media regarding today’s stop work protest,” Kuman said.

He assured that the safety of students and teachers will be protected and added that police will ensure their safety is guaranteed.

Quintina Naime