NCD police to re-enter HB

The NCD police have now re-entered the Hanuabada village after clearance was given by village elders in a meeting yesterday (October 22nd) afternoon.

NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says that the police had not gone into the area since the shooting incident in the village and thanked the elders for allowing them to re-enter.

He says that this will help them deal with the issue of car jackers who have been driving stolen vehicles into the village and using it as an escape route knowing that the cops will not follow them in.

Turi says that he has instructed all his police station commanders that the village is now okay for patrols to go into.

Meantime, village spokesman Lohia Samuel assured Turi that his personnel would be welcomed in the village and that the community stood ready to help them in any way possible to deal with law and order issues in the area.

Starting today, police patrol units have started travelling into the village with Turi saying that they will also look into the issue of buai smuggling as well as homebrew consumption which has also risen since police stopped going into the village.


Julianna Waeda