Name and Shame – Public

The public is calling for the arrest of a member of parliament who allegedly tried to bribe a judge at a well-known café in Port Moresby.

Name and shame is one of the comments by our readers to the story “judge rejects bribe attempt” which was published yesterday.

The judge was sitting in the café at the Food world Waterfront mall with his wife on Thursday when a young man walked in and dumped several bundles of K100 banknotes in his lap, under the table.

The judge, who does not want to be named, told Loop PNG that he was astonished at what had happened and swept the money on to the floor.

The story which has gone viral on social media Facebook has disgusted many.

A Loop reader who was at the café at the time says the Gulf Leader is in fact the Governor Haivila Kavo.

LOOP News was given four different numbers to contact Kavo however each attempt was unsuccessful.

One reader on Facebook says he set up the CCTV at Water Front Foodworld and the entire shop and carpark should have more than sufficient surveillance to provide evidence.

Others say it is a shame for the leader to stoop to bribery when his province is suffering.

LOOP News will continue following this story.

Joy Kisselpar