Namah calls for arrest of Secretaries

Vanimo Green MP, Belden Namah has called on the fraud squad to immediately arrest the Secretaries of Finance, Treasury and the National Planning for a blatant error.

Namah made the call last night after the Opposition stormed out of the chamber in protest against the passing of the 2017 Budget.

“Those Members of Parliament who participated in the passage of the budget have also committed a fraud,” Namah said.

The Opposition says the Budget  was bulldozed through by the Government using its numerical strength was indeed not a Bill as the figures do not correspond.

The Appropriation Bill reads as over “K21 billion kina signed by the first legislative council” while the Treasurer’s speech confirmed  the figure to be K12.9 billion.

Former Attorney General, Kerenga Kua in support of Namah said there was no Bill on the floor for passage as the figures were misleading.

Kua said the government had committed a major fraud against the people of PNG.

Meanwhile, Kavieng MP, Ben Micah also described the whole issue as the saddest day in the history of the country.


Freddy Mou