N’Dranou confident with police training

The Bomana Police Commandant Perou N’Dranou says he is confident in the training that his staff are imparting to the current batch of recruits up at the college.

He says that while public perception is that the training received is not sufficient resulting in undisciplined behaviour, he argues that there are also many good policemen and women  who are serving in the field.

N’Dranou says that all of the  officers who have passed out of the institution with the same training modules hence it is not an issue of training rather an issue of induction out on the fields.

He says that issue of rogue officers is far more complex than that of training and says that as the new commandant in office with his first batch now in place he will make it his duty to challenge and change the perception that training is bad.

With less than four months left in training N’Dranou says that the current 74 recruits are doing well and with the inclusion of a new pool as well as added literature support from the AFP the recruits are more supported in terms of logistics.

Julianna Waeda