Muthuvel calls for an appointment of OPIC boss

West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel has called on Agriculture Minister Tommy Tomscoll to appoint a permanent General Secretary for the Oil Palm Industry Corporation (OPIC).

He said OPIC has been inactive for the last two years and urged Tomscoll to intervene and bring in the much needed restructure change in the organization and speed up the appointment of the general secretary.

Muthuvel also pointed out that the government has focused on coffee and other cash crops even though Oil palm brings in about K1.6b in revenue to the government coffers every year.

However, Tomscoll when responding to Muthuvel during  Questions without notice in Parliament today said the appointment of the General Secretary for OPIC was slow because there were no nominees for the position apart from the current secretary.

He said the current acting secretary general Leslie Wundo has been facing charges for various allegations laid against him has been charged by police.

Muthuvel further asked the Minister to free up the rental land titles and return them to the Oil palm block holders.

Tomscoll responded saying the Department of Lands and Treasury will work together with his office and come up with a way to address this.

Freddy Mou