Muddle: No deaths reported at PMGH

​A media statement released this evening by Port Moresby General Hospital confirmed that there are no deaths reported.

The statement said reports of deaths due to Police Shootings  were false and misleading.

“There are no deaths or Dead on Arrival (DOA) patients due to Police altercation with University Students at Port Moresby General Hospital.

 “Port Moresby General Hospital’s emergency department confirms there are no deaths of  University Students after the alleged police shooting at the UPNG’s Waigani campus according to the hospital CEO Grant R. Muddle.

“We have so far received a total of eight gunshot wound casualties, all eight were stabilised and admitted at the hospital. We have discharged two casualties, with the further six patients admitted and all in a stable condition."

“Among the injuries were; 16 year boy attending Waigani Primary School, hospital guardian, man from the public and 11 male and two female university students,” Muddle said.

“The other student has the gunshot wound to the left elbow (compound fracture) recovering after surgery at the main operating theatre."

“The third one who was brought in by the St John Ambulance who had soft tissue injuries to lower part of the abdomen and the lower limbs but he’s stabled at the moment and admitted."

“There were no deaths and no DOA (Dead on Arrival), all patients who presented (in relation to this incident) are in a stable condition"

“We are monitoring the situation closely at our Emergency Department and PMGH is aware of the current situation. The department has closed down all the outpatient services and the emergency pathway plan has already been activated.”

Muddle also raised another incident that while the crowds were outside provoking the police, the police shot the tear gas into emergency department entrance that caused the crowds to rush into the department and the patients at the triage were affected by the tear gas. 

"I cannot make further comments or speculation on the happening of today as PMGH is a treatment facility, but I do ask that all media refrain from making seriously false and misleading statements.

“Many of the media in this country need to have far greater accountability. Many of the stories being released by the media are just fiction at best and have no basis of any factual content, especially when you look at the number of deaths being quoted as occurring at PMGH.

“If you require information on patients being admitted to PMGH then contact our media officer, Leah Omar and she will provide you with the facts, although keep in mind we will not release private and personal information on any patient.

“I am greatly saddened by the happenings of today, and I am working closely to inform the PNG Police Commissioner of all activities at PMGH," the statement said.

Press Statement