Motuan villages observe 10 days of repentance

Motuan villagers carried out 10 days of repentance in their respective villages before gathering today to mark the National Day of Repentance.

The people from Vabukori, Tubuserea, Gaire, Papa, Pari, Taikone and Kilakila have been repenting for the last 10 days. The event was organised by the Motu-Koitabu Indigenous Prayer Network.

The villagers gathered together every night in the last 10 days, coming together before God in repentance of the 10 Commandments that they’ve broken.

MKIPN member and Evangelism Explosion Ministry PNG national director, Pamela Amini, explained that today is a solemn assembling of the people following the 10 days of repentance.

Amini said PNG has been declared as a nation of God but our attitude and actions do not show that we belong to God.

“This day of repentance gives us the Motu-Koitabu people an opportunity to come before God and repent from our attitudes and actions that do not honour God.

“For too long we have accepted him as Lord in our lives but we do not live according to Christian principles.

“We need to repent because we haven’t kept the Covenant,” Amini said.

Amini said they have seen a lot of testimonies within these 10 days, reconciliations between clans and there’s been transformation within lives of people.

The 10 days of repentance have been happening for the last three years. 

Quintina Naime