Moresby South’s 400 girls involved in FIFA games

Around 400 girls from the Moresby South area will participate in the FIFA Under 20 Women’s World Cup event by looking after teams during their stay in PNG.

The countries under the care of the electorate will be Spain, Nigeria, Brazil, and France.

Minister for Sports, APEC, and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko, said shirts will be printed with the flags of each country and given to the girls to wear as chaperones for each country.

He said the teams will have about two to three days between matches and will have time to visit the city and so will be looked after by the girls.

Selected communities have been tasked with each country and they are:

  • Kone, Vanama, Ranuguri, Newtown (Spain)
  • Rabuagnini, Kaugere, Badili, (Brazil)
  • Wanigela, Koki, (Nigeria)
  • Sabama, (France)

Moresby North East and Moresby North West have also been allocated countries.

Cedric Patjole